Build Decentralized Storage Aggregation Layer

Designed to establish a Data Metaverse

Why IStorage

Decentralized Identity

IStorage uses DID for user authentication, which increases personal privacy and autonomous control of data

Multi-Chain storage

IStorage will integrate multiple chains to provide data cross-chain and aggregation interaction capabilities

Cross-Chain market

IStorage provides cross-chain data transaction functions. It allows data transactions on different chains

Keep Decentralized

IStorage is fully decentralized and will be owned by Data DAO

Devs cannot control anyone's data and trace data back to individuals,All is Decentralized

Authorize signing with web3 wallet and produce identity via Ed25519

Link DID through Identity and build user's web3 social portrait with DID

All data is stored in decentralized storage for free, whether public or private

Encrypt and decrypt data using identities on the web frontend

DID controls user file indexing system, personal data, cross-chain configuration

Marketplace allows users to choose a pattern of "bid => data test => final deal"

All data will not be fetched until the last transaction is completed

Hold all your data
On IStorage


Support multi-chain data storage bottom layer

With the development of web3, different storage chains have been born, and different chains have their own advantages. After you store data on different storage chains, you need to operate your data on different chain platforms. This is complicated and not suitable for unified operation

With IStorage you can store and modify data on different storage chains, as well as switch storage platforms for data.


Building a cross-chain data metaverse based on W3DS

Entering the era of web3, driven by the increasing prosperity of the blockchain ecosystem, the amount of data is also growing explosively, followed by the utilization and transaction of data. We create its own data profile for each data through the 'W3DS' protocol. Users can find suitable data through multiple dimensions

IStorage provides a cross-chain data metaverse, you can profile data on different chains, or you can mint data into NFT to support transactions

IStorage is your own fully decentralized data platform

The architecture diagram is updated in real time and the code has been open sourced


IStorage will keep updated with the latest project progress.

June 2022
Milestone 0: Perfect the establishment of data market

We will improve the data NFT trading market based on Polygon, including the following points: data trading process design, NFT market design. Then Testnet 1.0 Launch Initiated .All users participating in the test will obtain contribution value according to the contribution amount. After the test is completed, airdrop will be carried out according to the contribution value.

July 2022
Milestone 1: Testnet 2.0 Launch Initiated

When the modification of Testnet 1.0 is completed, the top 200 users of Testnet 1.0 will be invited to test Testnet 2.0. Testnet 2.0 will focus on the interaction of core functions.

Sep 2022
Milestone 2: Mainnet Launch Initiated

When the testnet is completed, we will choose a time to launch the mainnet and issue governance tokens at the same time. The airdrops obtained by the testnet can be exchanged for the mainnet token at this time.

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